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Every good spa or salon needs a make-over now and again. Interior fashions change just about as fast as the seasons - but don't be dismayed. Launchpad Magazine has a terrific article this month on trends and tips for transforming your second home. Here's a clip of the article by by Jeryl E. Spear:

Transform your salon from past tense to future perfect with these décor tips.

Glass blocks? Get out the sledgehammer. Gray-and-mauve interior? Spray paint the walls if you have to. If your salon has gone from chic to shabby, it’s time for a makeover. What should you expect when you spiff up your space? Short of being shanghaied by the Beauty Ambush team, updating your salon decor requires some serious planning and more than a little creativity. To get the biggest bang for your buck, see what other salons have done to smarten up their spaces.