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Do you ever wonder how a  certain celebrity hairstyle might look like on you? Celebrities are expected to change their hairstyles as often as the rest of us change our clothes. Whether its for a role they are playing or just to remain ahead of the crowd.  The good news is their frequent hair re-dos leave the rest of us with many different references and ideas for our own hair, when we head off to the salon for a change.

Unfortunately not all hairstyles and colors look good on all face shapes and personalities. But have no fear, now you can try the hairstyle on, before making the big commitment. And no, im not talking wigs here. But a virtual salon chair! Simply go to: Upload a frontal head shot of yourself, with your hair pulled back, and then check out how you look in hundreds of hairstyles!

It may seem a little silly, but you don't buy a car without test driving. Right? So, before you run to the salon requesting the "Kate Gosselin mullet bob"... you may want to try testing it out virtually before you make a big mistake in reality!