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I-Links are a wonderful method for those that prefer not having anything attached to their natural hair with adhesive. They’re also extremely versatile and easy to hide—if installed properly. Scanning through our social media, we have found some “waterfalls” with I-Link, also known as improper installation by crimping down on the bead while the strand of natural hair is held up high and placing it too close to the scalp, making it look like a waterfall.

“Waterfall” (pictured below) does not only look terrible, it is extremely painful for your client. Notice how the beads are way too close to the scalp. The beads should be placed between a quarter and a half inch away from the scalp to avoid pain, bumps due to swelling, redness, and constant pulling of the hair.

To avoid waterfalls, before pressing down on the bead, make sure you are holding the hair correctly by placing it flat on the head and not elevating it . It is okay if a little bit of the I-Link hair extension strand is showing once you press down on the bead, you just don’t want too much of the extensions popping out. The constant poking of an I-Link on the scalp can also cause some discomfort.

This blog isn’t meant to point fingers, but rather give you a few pointers when installing Donna Bella Hair I-Links. So if you have any questions, now is the time to ask. Leave your questions in the comment box below!