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Another common misconception of the I-Link method is double beading. The straight answer is you should never attach more than one bead to the I-Link tips. We’ve heard some clients and stylists suggest this, it’s not a very good idea. Not only are you wasting beads, time, and money, you’re also looking at an unhappy client that’s in constant discomfort which sometimes leads to breakage. Most of the time this is suggested when the I-Links keep slipping. So of course, we have a solution for that.

If you’re familiar with Donna Bella’s I-Link method then you know we offer 3 types of different beads. Each bead is designed to accommodate a different hair type. If you’re experiencing slippage, 2 beads is not the solution. It could be that you need to switch to a different bead type for your client’s hair type so here are the different beads we offer and what hair type they are meant for:

Flared: Is the go-to bead for clients that have fine, thin hair because they reduce the strain on the strands for their hair type.

Grooved: Made out of aluminum, these beads have tiny grooves on the inside of each bead. These grooves interlock with each other when the bead is closed,  reducing slippage.

Silicone: Perfect for any hair type, this bead is gentle but will still the hair in place securely without a worry for slippage.

After trying all 3 different beads to no avail, it could also be that your client is not the ideal candidate for the I-Link method but rather the Kera-Link or Tape-In method instead. Double beading, again, is not the solution.

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