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(via BTC) To passers by, it must have been an odd sight: A group of blue-haired men, women and children standing around a Supercuts car holding a four-foot-long check payable to the Make-a Wish foundation.

For anyone familiar with Zach’s Wax, however, the sight was nothing new. Was it special? Absolutely. But if you hang around Zach’s Wax Owner Eric Plahn long enough, you learn to get used to special moments.

Zach’s Wax makes hair-coloring products designed to give its customers a radically different, albeit temporary, new look. With a one-ounce tube of color gel a few spare minutes, blondes become pinkies, brunettes become redheads and redheads can turn their hair green.

Zach’s Wax also makes wishes come true. Through a growing network of charity organizations, Plahn and his company partner with businesses and schools to raise funds for good causes.

Last December, Zach’s Wax teamed with Supercuts in Southern California to raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

“We had a contest to see which Supercuts could sell the most Zach’s Wax in a month,” Plahn says. “More than 10 percent of each sale went to Make-a-Wish.”

The check, which was distributed on Feb. 24, totaled $300.00. Plahn credits the folks at Supercuts.

“This simply would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and commitment of Supercuts’ stylists, managers and receptionists,” he says. “They really embraced the opportunity to make a difference.”

Through Zach’s Wax, Plahn is making that same opportunity available to others in a number of ways. For example, schools can make the coloring gel available to students as a way to show school spirit or perhaps on the eve of the big game.

“It’s a great way to promote a sense of community on campuses and raise money for the school at the same time,” Plahn says.

By visiting Zach’s Wax on the web, anyone can make a difference at any time. Zach’s Wax donates ten percent of every sale to charity.

Which charity? That depends on the color of the gel you buy. Proceeds from the pink gel support breast cancer research, for instance. Yellow supports Livestrong, red gel help support AIDS research and the extra firm hold gel (no color here) supports a hospital in Mozambique. There are six products and six charities in all.

“We want to run a successful business,” Plahn says. “But we want to help others at the same time. The greatest thing about Zach’s Wax is it’s fun. You create awareness because it’s on your head! It’s a neat thing to be a part of.”

Right now, Zach’s Wax is available in Supercuts salons and about 20 other beauty supply locations in Southern California, in addition to its Web site.

As you might imagine, Zach’s Wax isn’t hard to find. Just look for blue hair and big checks.

About Zach’s Wax:
Zach's Wax is a family-owned business. Our goal is to offer you fundraising and personal products that provide high quality and loads of fun. Every item you purchase will benefit an organization — yours or one you designate. If you are looking to raise funds for school, church or other organization, Zach's Wax is a great option. An added benefit of partnering with Zach's Wax is “Team Spirit.” Whether you represent an athletic team or service group, Zach's Wax will give your members an added dose of loyalty.