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February 3, 2011


At a trade show in California, I purchased some small diamond-like hair bling that could be taped to long hair for fancy occasions like proms, or weekend parties. As I recall, Donna Bella had these at their booth but I don’t see them on the website. Did I buy them from your company or is my memory slipping?

Carria B. – Baldwin Harbor, California


You are absolutely correct. That is our product. These sparkly diamonds known as ICE are a new item that we are testing in tradeshows nationwide to see how popular they will be with stylists.

We refer to the “hair bling” as hair jewels. These preset diamond-like jewels are positioned on strips of tape that can be easily taped onto the hair. The clear tape can be cut and applied anywhere on the hair, including the bangs. ICE diamonds come in clear, blue, or ruby red colors.

ICE hair jewels are a quick and simply way to convert hair extensions or any other hair style into a dress-up night or out on the town event. Order ICE by calling Donna Bella Milan at 888.424.7548.

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