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Did you know that your hair texture can dictate which styles look best on you? Your hair texture affects the way your hair flows from your head, frames your face, and sits over your shoulders, meaning the same general cut won’t look the same on a curly girl as a straight-haired one. Last week we talked about haircuts that suit your face shape. Now let’s level up the conversation to address the best cuts for your hair type!

Straight Hair
Inspiration: Karlie Kloss | Avril Lavigne | Alessandra Ambrosio

The look: Long layers
Straight hair keeps no secrets. Any irregularity in the cut will show through in the final hairstyle. That’s why classic, smooth hairstyles with seamless transitions work best on straight hair. Take advantage of the long layered look to add some dimension to your style, complete with those ultra-flattering, face-framing strands.

Wavy Hair
Inspiration: Gigi Hadid | Kristen Stewart | Blake Lively

The look: Built-in texture
For that effortless beachy look, have your stylist texturize the ends of your hair with a razor, and introduce some subtle layering throughout the hair. This will divide and visually separate the waves in your hair for a more dynamic hair style. And feel free to experiment with your hair part! Zig-zags parts suit wavy hair textures like no other.

Curly Hair
Inspiration: Taylor Swift | Ariana Grande | Shakira

The look: Faux-side bangs
When it comes to curly hair, over-all layers are optional. Add them in if you want more volume, or leave them out if you want more sloping length. What you should focus on, instead, is adding a visual center-point, like this faux-side bang—which is actually just strategic layering around the face. The trick with this is to follow the texture of your natural hair and cut as few layers into the face frame as possible.

Coily Hair
Inspiration: Amandla Stenberg | Solange Knowles | Alicia Keys

The look: Blunt cut
Whether your wear your hair natural or relaxed with extensions, a blunt haircut shows off the beautiful shapeliness of coily hair. Have your stylist cut your ends into a straight, slightly diagonal upward sloping line for some extra visual interest, then let it dry into its final fluffy and/or silky form.

What was your most flattering haircut ever? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to share pictures with us via Instagram!