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March 25, 2011


My twin sister and I currently have short hair and have spent our entire lives with identical hair styles, except for one night at our junior prom. She tells me that she wants hair extensions now, but I really like our short hair going into summer.

We are 24 years old. Don’t you agree that short hair is more practical for warm weather and if she insists on extensions, do you think I should play along or dig in my heels?

Ilene & Irene, S. – Kissimmee, Florida


It is hard for most of us who have no twin to understand the need to be so much like another person. Most adult twins that we know, have found their personal preferences and gone their separate ways with hair styles. You ought to consider that as your first option. Unless you plan on living together the rest of your life.

But if your genes and heredity are so powerful that doing your own thing becomes impossible, then suggest clip-in hair extensions for your sister. When you are together she keeps the extensions in the drawer and after you head to work, she breaks out the clips and becomes whoever she wants to be.

By the way, extensions are terrific during any season of the year.

Hair styling is fun and expresses how you feel about yourself. We think you that both you and your sister ought to continue to share your love but find your own hair identity.

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