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One of the most crucial steps in the hair extension installation process is blending. It’s the key to a natural look that’s easy to style. A bad blending job makes hair extensions look like hair extensions (which kind of defeats the purpose of hair extensions in the first place.)

Step 1: Determine the Length

First you’ll want to remove any unwanted length. Consulting with your client is critical to verify exactly how long she wants her extensions to be.

Step 2: Frame the Face

Trim and contour the hair around your client’s face for a balanced, blended look that complements her face.

Step 3: Connect the Layers

Comb through her hair and find the large disconnections between her natural hair and the extensions. Use your razor or thinning shears to stagger the hair so that the layers are not blunt. This is not the time to focus on detailed blending. This step is about bringing the layers together.

Step 4: Polish and Detail

The final step is to meticulously blend your client’s hair. Her natural hair should flow seamlessly into her extensions and you shouldn’t be able to spot where one begins and one ends. Make sure the ends aren’t too blunt and that the ends of the hair are even.

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