Now that you’ve had your Donna Bella Hair extensions put in and have waited to wash your hair for the first 48 hours, you might find that your natural hair isn’t laying the same way your extensions do. This will usually occur after blow drying it. Because the hair extensions go through  a certain process to keep them well preserved, they’ll go back to looking the same as the first day you installed them. Your natural hair, however, will probably seem poofier. So what’s the deal? The quick version of why this happens is that the natural oils your scalp releases helps your natural hair look shiny and adds the extra weight to lay flatter. By washing it, you’ve removed those oils and you’ll need to wait a day or two for those oils to resurface. But in the meantime, don’t panic! Here a few tips to train your hair to sit exactly the way you would like it to after a great wash and blowdry.

Side parts and middle parts: Once your hair is completely dry, part your hair the way you like it to be. Place a small amount of shine serum or light hair spray and comb the hair down with a boar bristles brush. Place bobby pins on each side and wait about 30 minutes before removing the bobby pins.

Getting rid of the poofy: Another problem area is toward the front, at the crown of your head. It’ll get a little poofy sometimes even when your blowdry it straight (especially women with ethnic hair). To get rid of the poofy texture, wrap your head using a mesh wrap first then use a silk scarf or bonnet to lay the hair flat without using product. You should probably allow at least an hour before taking it off. It works better when worn while you sleep. If you choose to do this during the day, adding a little shine serum will help speed it up.

Have you guys tried these tips? What did you think? Let us know!