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If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you’ve probably seen sign-ups for free hair extension installations. While some think it’s too good to be true, others get put off by the fact that you must purchase the hair. So is it even worth it? Let’s see.

Hair. When you come see us at our booth at any of the hair shows, you’ll automatically receive 10% off any hair purchase. It can be I-Link, Kera-Link, Tape-In, or Clip-Ins; no exclusions. What’s in it for us? It’s a way for us to get you, the customer, to come see us. It’s also a way for you to try out our brand of hair at a discounted price if you’ve never shopped with us before. We figure it’s a win-win situation for both you and us. The catch? The discount is only exclusive to hair show attendees. It will not apply any other time. So if that’s not reason enough to come see us, let’s check out the free installation deals.

Free hair installations are, in fact, free! When you purchase hair from us, you automatically get your hair installed for free when you sign-up. So let’s break this down—on any other day, you would first have to purchase the hair online at regular price. After you receive your hair in the mail, you would take it to your stylist who would then charge you per hour or per strand to put each hair extension in your hair. Some stylists charge anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour or higher if they are going by time. The cheapest price per strand we’ve heard of is around $5. Let’s do the math. On average, a full head takes 5-7 bags of hair. That could cost you anywhere from $310 to $434 (5-7 bags of 16” Tape-ins) for the hair only. Now let’s add the installation price that you would pay your stylist, let’s say $100 (average cost). Your total is now $410-$534. Now let’s see how much you save at the show using the same figures. For 5 to 7 bags of Tape-Ins at the hair show discount price, you’re looking at $279-$390. Now let’s add the installation price: $0. So the total price for hair and installation at a show is $390 at the most.

Stylists. When you get your hair installed for free, not only are you getting it at no cost to you, you’re getting it done by Donna Bella Hair’s top stylists. We have personally chosen each and every single one of our show stylists to represent our brand because we can always expect impeccable work from them. You can go in there confident that each stylist is the most knowledgeable in each method of installation, blending, and matching. Just a little icing on the cake for this sweet deal.

So, is it worth it? If you think so, make sure to catch us at our next show. Visit www.donnabellahair.com and click on the events tab to sign up for your free installation. See you there!