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Because Donna Bella Hair requires absolutely zero chemicals for installation, our extensions are safe to wear during your pregnancy. However, it is more common for women to experience fuller, thicker hair while pregnant. Here’s a little fact: You’re not growing more hair, you’re just losing hair at a slower rate. During those 9 months, estrogen levels are higher which result in less hair shedding so your hair feels thicker. The upside to this is that your extensions may stay in longer because shedding hair contributes to loose extensions, hence , why move-up appointments are more frequent for some than others. Some women shed hair at a faster rate and can’t go quite as long as the 8 week mark.

You may find yourself needing extensions more after giving birth than during your pregnancy. Postpartum hair will go back to it’s regular growth rate so you may experience more hair falling out. It is common for women to notice hair loss after giving birth. This is due to estrogen levels tapering back to normal. But don’t worry this isn’t going to be permanent and with Donna Bella Hair, you have the option to add more volume and thickness through the variety of methods we offer. If it’s just volume you want back, you can do a couple or a few rows while you wait for your hair to get back to it’s regular programming. If being a new mommy has you on a tight budget, try a full set of Clip-Ins. These are ideal for the on-the-go mom who has no time for salon visits.

Are you a new mommy wanting some hair advice? Drop your question in the comment box below. We’re always happy to help!