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Q: What do these two industries have in common?

A: You MUST do your home work BEFORE purchasing! Otherwise you may be sorry.

Gone are the days when you can simply go online, select an internet retailer and purchase a full head of hair that will last for months and months - with no shedding, slippage or other embarrassing traits.

Like the used car industry, one who is interested in hair extensions now must know a few simple questions to ask, including where to look for the highest quality, best value extensions.

  1. Are my extensions made from 100% human hair? When asked most companies will tell you the answer is yes. Like a used car just because it is sounds good (like 100% human hair) doesn’t mean it will actually do you any good. Human hair extensions are only the first step to ensuring you have high quality, long lasting hair extensions.
  2. Are my extensions 100% REMY? This is perhaps the most important hair extension term to be familiar with. This is similar to asking does my car have oil in it? When looking at your engine you can’t always tell. When hair extensions are made from Remy hair all of the cuticles will be running in the same direction. When all of the hair cuticles are running in the same direction your extensions will lie flat with one another thus creating an exceptional and very real look. Oftentimes hair extension companies will sell 100% human hair that is non-remy. Non-remy hair is typically coated with silicone to help give a nice soft feeling when taken out of the package. However, after just a few washes the hair becomes dry, brittle and tangles easily. BEWARE!!! Many hair suppliers will offer REMY hair that is not 100%. This means there is a portion of non-remy hair mixed in with the remy hair. In order to achieve the look and feel hair requires it is extremely important to purchase 100% Human Remy hair extensions.

In closing, the most sure way to have a positive experience with your hair extensions is buy purchasing from a trusted supplier. The best way to find one of these is to google the term “hair extensions” or “clip-in hair extensions” depending on what type you are looking for. Once you’ve located the company you wish to purchase from be sure to ask the questions we listed above. If they pass the test you should be safe in buying. Good luck!