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Only Michelle Obama's hair stylist knows this for sure, but we're of the opinion that the stunning "to be" first lady has a full head of natural hair with no extensions to be found. Tragedy? Hardly. We're also of the opinion that the future First Lady will do more in the next four years for lady's fashion than all the first lady's combined since Jacqueline Kennedy.

One stylist, Yusef Williams of Manhattan’s Paul Labrecque salon, thinks that “Michelle has a lot of full-length hair — no extensions.” Offering his opinion to the checkout stand mag OK!, Williams, who has the honor of being assigned as “a member of Michelle’s hair and makeup team,” predicts that she will change her hairstyle because “that’s the motto: change. Something shorter, layered, fun and one-of-a-kind.”

There you have it - No Extensions in the white house (yet). Maybe we'll send some samples over to Williams and he can give us a trial run for the inagural? :)