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 You can talk about hair extensions all day long, but a picture says a thousand words! If you’re proud of your hair extension work, then there is no reason not to show it off with a before and after picture.

One of the most effective ways to build your business and advertise your hair extension services is to build your portfolio. Start take before and after photos of your work and get noticed by potential clients.

Before you photograph your client, ask her for permission.

Take a picture of your client before you begin working. Get the back, the front and the sides.

After you’re done blending and styling, take another picture in the same lighting. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get a great picture. Many stylists just use their phones to take pictures.

Make a photo collage of your before and after photos to make it easy to see the transformation. Some iPhone apps that help you do this are Diptic, Pic Stitch. For desktop, Google’s Picasa and Adobe Photoshop work well for making collages.

Post your pictures on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to get them noticed. (If you’re worried that others are going to steal your pictures, you can put a watermark with your salon’s name or your name.)

Want to submit your photos to Donna Bella?

If you are our friend on Facebook, you’ve probably seen a lot of the before and after hair extension transformation. We love posting these pictures because each one comes from a Donna Bella customer who uses our hair extensions.

We like to have as much information as possible! We, and everyone who sees the picture, usually are curious about what method, how many wefts/strands, and what color(s).

We can’t post every photo we receive, but we do post as many as we can. To submit your photo to Donna Bella, email it to

Below are some examples of great before and afters.

Shannon Morgan by Taylor Dodge at Elite Too Salon:

Jenna Hardesty:

Hair Extensions by Caren San Diego:

You can get more before and afters on our Facebook Page.