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Fusion Hair Extensions: 101

The fusion hair extension method (called Kera-Link here at Donna Bella) is one of the oldest, tried-and-true techniques in the world of hair. It’s gained and kept popularity for its natural appearance, long-lasting durability, and simple removal process. What are fusion hair extensions? What’s the method all about, and what do the application, removal, and care processes look like? We break all that and more down right here.

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What are Fusion Hair Extensions?

You may have heard fusion extensions go by a few different names, like keratin bond or glue-in extensions (even though many fusion extensions, like Donna Bella’s Kera-Links, don’t actually use glue at all).

donna bella blue kera-link fusion extensions

In any case, fusion extensions can be identified by the keratin protein bond tip and heat application method that makes them unique.

Fusion Hair Extensions Come in Strands, Not Wefts

Unlike tape-in hair extensions, for example, fusion hair extensions come in strands of hair. With the tape-in method, wefts make the job easier and more effective, but with fusion extensions, individual strands of hair help to ensure that once the application is complete, the hair blends well and looks natural.

How Many Fusion Extensions Do You Need for a Full Head?

Truthfully, that depends on the extensions you buy, and your goals for your hair. Donna Bella’s Kera-Link extensions come in packs of 20 strands each. Each of these strands has a small, flat, square-shaped tip that holds all the individual hairs together.

A strand is made of one gram of hair. A full head of Kera-Link hair is about five to nine packs of hair. This means you could have 100-180 hair extension strands or more for a full head installation. While this may vary with other extensions, this is a generally good benchmark standard for hair amounts.

How Long Do Fusion Extensions Last?

Again, different brands of fusion extensions come in different sizes and levels of quality, but our Kera-Link hair can last for three to six months. As you wear Kera-Link extensions, your hair will grow as it normally does, and that growth causes the bond and hair extension to move further and further away from the scalp.

That’s why it’s important to go in for move up appointments every few weeks so your stylist can adjust the bonds by removing them and re-applying them closer to the scalp.

How To Install Fusion Extensions

Methods vary depending on the type of glue-in or fusion extensions you buy, but it generally works like this: The hair extension tip is a small keratin protein bond. This tip is solid until melted with a hair extension tool. The stylist takes a small section of hair that is equal to the hair extension strand and places the bond over the section.

brunette woman having kera-link fusion extensions installed

The small plates at the end of the melting connector melt and soften the bonds. The stylist uses their fingers to mold and shape the melted keratin around the hair. When it cools, the keratin hardens again, creating a sealed, durable bond. These small bonds are attached strand by strand, row by row, starting at the base of the head and working up the sides and back of the head.

Once finished, the bonds lie completely flat against the head and are covered by the upper layers of hair. After all the wefts have been installed, the stylist then blends and styles the hair so the extensions look completely natural.

Removing the Extensions

Fusion extensions are quite easy to remove with the right product, generally a keratin bond remover like this one. This alcohol-based solution helps break down the adhesive so the bonds loosen. After the solution has been applied for a few seconds, the stylist uses the hair extension tool to break the keratin bond. Once it’s loose, the hair extension slides off!

Removal and application is possible if you know what you’re doing, but even if you do, we always recommend having a professional stylist do it for you. If you’re not a licensed cosmetologist, it’s very easy to damage your hair or extensions, and even if you are, the application process is significantly harder to do by yourself.

donna bella products and hair used for installing keratin fusion extensions

Caring for Fusion Hair Extensions

The rules for fusion care are similar to other basic hair care and extension care rules. These include:

  • Use sulfate-free products to wash & condition the hair.
  • Avoid slippage by applying shampoos and treatments from the middle of the hair down.
  • Air dry when possible, and avoid heat. If you need to straighten or curl, use a heat protectant.
  • Brush hair only when dry, from the bottom up, and use leave-in conditioners.
  • For up-dos, braids, and buns, keep them loose to avoid tugging too hard on the extension.


Get Started!

Fusion hair extensions are a time-tested method that looks great, especially for lush, full, and thick hair. To see the colors, lengths, and styles of our Kera-Link extensions, and experience the Donna Bella difference, head over to our fusion extension page!