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If this is your first time shopping for hair extensions, or if you’re curious to know if you’ve been buying the right brand or the right method, here’s a little information that will help confirm you have been making the right decisions. These are some basic things you should look into while shopping for the right hair extensions.

Everyone has a different hair type so what may be working for your friend may not work for you. We love raving friends who have their personal reviews on different products. Although sometimes it works, when it comes to hair extensions, this is one of those decisions you’ll have to make solo. So, here’s the breakdown in a nutshell:

⃟ Curly/thick hair: I-Link or Kera-Link. Thicker hair provides a stronger hold for beads and bonds

⃟ Thin/oily hair: Tape-Ins. They put less stress on fine strands of hair.

⃟ Really curly/kinky hair: Sew Ins. They are the best matching texture and they’re easier to style.

For the non-committed or tight budgeted: Clip-Ins. You save money on installation and can be worn whenever by simply attaching them to your natural hair by the clips.

With so many brands making great quality hair, how do you know which brand to shop with? When deciding which brand to go with, do consider the following:

⃟ How much hair am I getting for my money’s worth? Look at how many strands there are per pack. Find out how many grams each pack of hair contains. Make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

⃟ What is the quality of hair? 100% Human Remy Hair is the best quality because it is made with human hair, which means you can style it the same way you would your natural hair. Synthetic Hair is a lower quality of hair and can’t be styled like remy. The texture is also different in the sense that, because it isn’t human hair, it will definitely not feel like it either.

⃟ How is their customer service? Although we don’t give it much thought, a brand’s customer service represents them entirely. Some questions to ask would be: Do they stand by their product? Are they easy to get a hold of? How accessible are they? The best way to get an answer to these types of questions is either word of mouth or look at reviews.

Still have questions? Please feel free to drop us a line—that’s what we’re here for!