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Online shopping is convenient and the options are almost endless! But it doesn't mean it’s always easy. Here’s a guide to help you buy hair extensions online (whether they’re from Donna Bella or not!)

Remy Hair -  Unless you’re specifically looking  for synthetic, 100% remy hair is the way to go. Remy means that all the hair cuticles are facing the right direction. This reduces tangling and matting and makes the hair last longer. If a website doesn't specifically state that the extensions are 100% Human Remy Hair, then they probably aren't. (All of Donna Bella’s hair is 100% human, except for our synthetic line.)

Color Match - All screens vary, so matching your hair or your client’s hair can be tricky. The best way to find your color is to use a color swatch. Hair swatches are great because you can compare colors in real life. You can order one from Donna Bella here or find a salon that hair extensions.

Quantity - An important question to ask is how much comes in a pack? A pack of hair extensions might seem really affordable, but if there isn't very much hair in every package, it probably isn't a good deal. That’s why it is crucial to know how much each individual strand is going to cost.

Not every strand is the same, however. Some strands are as small as ½ gram, others are more. (Donna Bella’s strands are 1 gram each.)  Make sure to notice how many grams you’re getting in each pack so you can compare and get the best deal.

Ratings and Reviews - if you’re purchasing from a company that you've never done business with before, it’s usually a good idea to read some reviews online. Not every company is perfect all the time, but you’ll get a sense of whether it’s a trustworthy business from others who've worked with them before.

Customer Service - What if you have questions? Using live chat and calling in are a must, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a question or concern. At Donna Bella, we’re happy to help, and we’ll even take orders over the phone.

Don’t let online shopping scare you! Ordering hair extensions online is easy if you know what to look for and you pick a company you trust.

Do you have a hair extension question or a concern? Email your questions to info@donnabellahair.com and we can answer it right here on our blog!