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We’ve been receiving lots of amazing before and after photos lately, but some people have been asking how to improve their photos to really make them pop when sharing them with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We recently spoke to a professional photographer (and hair extension enthusiast!) and asked her what stylists and their clients can do to take the perfect before and after shot.

1. Remember to take the “before” photo! In all the excitement leading up to the installation, it can be easy to forget to take a photo before you start. You can’t put your before and after shot together without it, so make sure you remember! If you can, make a habit of taking this photo right when your extensions clients arrive.

2. Take your photos in the same place and from the same angles. Use the same location for your before and after photos to really make the hair stand out. It can be distracting if the background of one photo is different from the other. Also remember that if you take multiple “before” shots from several different angles (which we highly recommend), you should take your “after” shots from those same angles.

3. Make sure you have good lighting. Without good lighting, it can be hard to see the color and the beautiful blending work you’ve done. Lots of natural light is best, but if it’s nighttime or cloudy out, make sure there is ample lighting in your salon. It’s also a good idea to take photos with and without the flash to see which looks best.

4. Use a neutral background. Busy backgrounds with distracting wallpaper, lots of people, or a room full of clutter can really take the focus away from the hair. Using a background with a solid, neutral color keeps the eye on the hair so everyone can admire your work in full. Neutral colors are also less likely to reflect off of the hair. For example, if you just installed a full head of platinum blond extensions and take your photos against a red wall, the red will reflect off the hair, making it look pink! Always review your photos to make sure this hasn’t happened.

5. Use a neutral background, but still make sure it contrasts enough with the hair color. If you install a head of light brown extensions and take your photos against a light brown wall, the hair can blend in a bit with the wall because the colors are too similar.

6. Your client’s clothing should also help the hair stand out. In the same way a background can take focus away from hair, so to can the foreground. If a client is wearing a distracting print or a shirt that blends in too much with the hair, your photos won’t fully showcase your amazing hair extension work.

7. Don’t take selfies! We really can’t stress this one enough. We get it, selfies are all the rage right now, and if your client wants to take a quick one to share with their friends on Instagram, that’s fine. However, you’re very limited in the amount of angles you can get in a selfie and it’s extremely hard to showcase a new ‘do that way. If you spot your client taking one, just ask if they’d like you to take the picture for them so you can capture their new hair in all its glory!

See? It’s easy to improve your before and after photo skills. Now you can take great photos to share with your clients, friends, family, and the Donna Bella team! We can’t wait to see your looks!

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