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"Just try it one time, just try it on one client and you will be hooked!"

This is the advice I received from a good friend who uses the Donna Bella line. I trust her opinion.

I was quite tired of the "challenges" I was facing with  the hair, tools, and beads I was currently using so, I was ready for a change. I borrowed her tools and a few packages of hair.

I offered to apply them free to one of my best clients, all the while explaining that this was a new product to me and I had no experience with it. How could she refuse?

I was amazed at how sturdy and comfortable the bead tool felt in my hands. I didn't have to stop and "get a better grip". The beads closed with ease and held tight. Did I mention I fell in love with the Quick Pick Hair Parter? How did I ever go this long without it?

My client loved the quality of the hair (and so did I), she called me a few weeks later to say she had not lost a single tip and they were staying in so tight! She was quite the advertiser for me as she had spoke so highly of her experience that she had surely raised the bar!!

In all I must say I bought my friends extra tools without hesitation and started using Bella Donna solely! I was sold at first application and I can say the same for every client of mine that wears them!!