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Hair extension refers to certain way of adding artificial hair or real human hair to our natural hair. This way is usually done to conceal thinning or hair loss. Fashion and trend is another reason for people to do hair extension. By doing extension, you do not need to wait your own hair to grow. Instead of waiting for years to have long hair, now you can have it in a matter on hours.

Colors and curls can also be added in the middle of extension process. All of them can be done without any commitment or method. You can also change it just in case you get bored and you want to change your hairstyle or hair colors.

Hair extension application should be done by professional hairdresser. Doing hair extension without consulting to professional is similar to damaging your own natural hair; since there are some types of hair which are not compatible with extension process. Therefore, regular consultation should be done before you decide to add another hair to your natural hair.

Amateur hairstylist or mobile hairstylist should not be visited if you want to do hair extension. It will be dangerous if you trust this important job to some people who have learned hairdressing for several years. For your information, applying hair extension is not a simple job to do and it should be done by professional who has much experience to master the ability.

Make sure that you visit a well known and professional hairdresser when you want to try to extent your natural hair.

Basically there are three types of hair that are usually used as hair extension. The first one is real human hair extension. It is the most common type of extension which are easy to be applied and the result itself will also look gorgeous. Another type of hair that can be chosen is mono-fiber hair extension. It has been known and existed for about 30 years. It looks the same as real human hair extension, yet it is lighter than human hair extension.

In terms of price, it is cheaper than real human hair extension and it comes in various attractive colors. The last choice is clip-in hair extensions. It is a great problem solving for those who do not want to have any commitment and long consultation with any professional hairdressers.

This type of hair is temporary and it needs to be released at the end of the day. Sleeping with this kind of extension is not advisable. Feather hair extension is popular nowadays. It offers hair addition by attaching high quality feather to natural hair. This form of extension is interesting since you can do it with your lovely puppy.