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Be careful. Many hair extension manufacturers are promoting the idea that silicone is beneficial to hair extensions. The benefits of silicone are highly overrated and chemical silicone ultimately damages hair extensions.

Misleading Claims About Silicone Hair Extensions

  • Helps Retain Moisture
  • Keeps Hair From Tangling
  • Protects Hair From Blow Dryers and Other Devices
  • Maintains Softness
  • Shields UV Sun Rays
  • Reduces Hair Frizz
  • Improves Hair Luster
  • Combs Easier
  • Allows For Cleaner Cuts
  • Longer Lasting Extensions

Real Truth Revealed

Don’t believe the claims. Once silicone is worn from the hair extensions the whole story changes rapidly.

Silicone never helps retain moisture. It actually blocks the ability of moisture to penetrate hair and bolster moisture content.

Tangling actually increases as soon as the silicone washes off the extensions. The natural oils are gone and the exposed dry hair promotes tangling.

Silicone is a man-made chemical that diffuses when used with heating appliances such as flat irons.

Softness disappears when the silicone is stripped from the hair extensions and exposes inferior quality hair.

UV rays can penetrate clear silicone coatings. If UV rays get past sunglasses don’t you think they would burn through silicone?

Frizz occurs because of dryness, poor shearing, lack of nutrients, and other possibilities. Frizz increases within a few short weeks when using silicone extensions.

Luster suffers because the quality of human hair is usually sub standard and revealed after the silicone is gone.

Combing and brushing becomes increasing difficult and troublesome with silicone extensions.

Extension tips dry faster, fray, break, and cut inconsistently, in part because the hair will no longer lay flat or curl properly.

Silicone shortens the length of time that extensions can remain in the hair before removing them for new extensions.

Silicone usually has added ingredients including alcohol or mineral oil that dry and negatively affect hair extensions.

On the other hand, top quality Remy human hair extensions restore all of the vital nutrients that are found in your own natural hair during processing.

Silicone is anything but natural so don’t listen to people who claim that chemicals add benefits to your skin or hair.

Donna Bella Milan never applies silicone to their hair extensions.

Logan is founder of Donna Bella Milan hair extensions and lashes and author of the Donna Bella weblog.