Spring is just around the corner, and we’re gearing up to pull out all our favorite rompers, shorts, and sunhats for the occasion. We’re also getting ready to drop our older, lesser used items for that extra inch of closet space. If you’re anything like us, you might find it difficult to part with some of your possessions come Spring Cleaning time. I mean, they’re still usable, right? Usually the answer is just to donate them to a thrift store or your younger sister. But what should you do with your old, un-reinstallable hair extensions?

We’ve been mulling it over, and we’ve come up with a couple of ideas:

Make them an accessory. While you may not want to wear old, damaged hair extensions, we’re sure you’d be up for wearing some easy hair accessories. Some examples we’ve seen include hair rats, braid headbands, hair bows, ponytail wraps, and bun fillers (a.k.a. hair donuts).

Gift them to a doll. You know who wouldn’t mind some new/old hair extensions? Barbie. If there’s a child in your life with a doll that needs makeover-ing, this could be the perfect gift.

Use them as stuffing. Whether it's for a stuffed animal or a pillow, used hair extensions can help to plump up your next DIY project.

What did you do with your old, un-reinstallable hair extensions? Tell us in the comments below!