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When something becomes popular, it's very common for that item to have knock-offs and imposters mixed right in with legitamate offers. Hair extensions are no different, and as an industry has a fair share of dangers and fakes.

We've stated it on the blog before, and we'll say it again here: Be absolutely sure your stylist knows how to correctly apply your hair extensions. Ask if they've been trained, by whom (which company) and be sure to ask around for other opinions.

Dodgy stylists aren't the only ones to blame here either - often scalp damage can be avoided if only the client listened during the application or follow up process as to best care practices. A good stylist, however, will go above and beyond to ensure that the client understands proper care. Proper care of extensions really is key to a healthy head.

Things to ask and look out for, if this is your first time getting extensions:

1) Hair: Where did they get it, is it Remy? Is it a reputable brand that you've heard of or was able to find online?

2) Application: Have they been trained by the manufacturer on proper application and care?

3) DIY extensions: Talk to a trained stylist before you buy - make sure the manufacturer provides detailed instructions for DIY application and long term care.

4) Is the salon known for great hair extensions? Just because a salon offers extensions, doesn't necessairly mean they have any business doing so - this is the "trend" factor - and where an increasing number of younger girls particularly, are having bad experiences. Is the salon reputable? Is the stylist qualified?

This is your head we're talking about, and your money - DO NOT BE SHY about asking as many questions as you want. If the salon or stylist is put off by your inquisitiveness, then that's a major red flag, and you should head for the door. Like with any major purchase, it's critical that you understand what you're investing in, do proper research so that you are informed, discuss your thoughts with a certified and trained professional, and be sure to take care of your investment after a successful application.