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Single Sided Tape is a revolutionary product, designed for women with fine or thin hair. It’s great for a full head of extensions because provides all the natural, volumizing effects of Tape-In Extensions without the strain, because it utilizes half as many wefts. It also packs more proverbial “bang for your buck” since, instead of sandwiching your natural hair between two Tape-In Extension wefts, you’re putting it between one weft and another piece of tape. This means you technically have twice as many wefts to spread throughout your hair!

Besides their weightless and smooth application, single sided tape extensions have a few other advantages that aren't exclusive to those with fine or delicate hair. They can be placed higher up on the head with Single Sided Tape, making them ideal for adding highlights, or for a more subtle, ombre effect, you can place the wefts further down on the bottom two or three layers. If you want zips of color all throughout, simply work the contrasting color wefts throughout the entire head.

Now, if you’re a client with medium or thick hair,looking to add some substantial body and volume to your locks, then Single Sided Tape probably won’t give you exactly what you want (for that, we’d recommend traditional Tape-In extensions), but if you just want to add some exciting splashes of color, Tape-In wefts with Single Sided Tape are a great, gentle solution!

To learn more,  visit our Single Sided Tape page and try some today!