Kera-Link extensions are durable and long-lasting, if they’re installed correctly. Sometimes you may experience slippage, which is when Kera-Link hair extension strands get loose and fall out. Sometimes this happens when you’re brushing or styling, and sometimes it happens on its own.

Some slippage is completely normal, but any more than 10% is cause for concern. (If you have 200 strands, having any more than 20 fall out would be bad.) There are several things that can cause slippage to happen in fusion hair extensions, and there are things both stylist and client can do to protect against slippage.

Root Conditioning. Conditioning is great for hair extensions, as long as it’s done on the midshaft down. Conditioner can cause the hair extension bonds to break down. Pulling and picking. Hair extensions can take a lot, but constant meddling with the bonds can loosen the bonds over time. Just brush, style, and leave them alone!

Not Bonding Correctly. Keratin bonds work best if the amount of hair in the bond is equal to the size and weight of the extension strand. If there is too much hair in the bond, the keratin won’t be able to fuse and close completely. It’s also important to heat each bond completely and roll it smoothly and tightly around each strand. Donna Bella’s bonds are made of keratin protein, not glue. If you do use a glue type application, the hair extensions may slip out.

Reactivating the Bonds. Kera-Link hair extension bonds are attached with the Melting Connector, which softens and melts the bonds. Once the bond hardens, it is securely attached to the hair. However, if the bonds are reheated, they lose their shape and hold and become insecure. You can style your hair with heat tools while wearing extensions, but be sure to avoid using heat tools right on the bonds.

Both the hair extensions stylist and the client have the responsibility of keeping the hair extensions looking great and staying in for a long tie. With these simple steps, having beautiful hair extensions is easy!


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