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A commonly asked question regarding the removal of Donna Bella Tape-In hair extensions goes a little something like this, “Can I use the blue bottle remover to take the Tape-In wefts off?” Although we highly and strongly recommend the use of the clear bottle for the removal of Donna Bella’s Tape-In extensions, we’ll probably let you slide with using the blue bottle for rare occasions, like let’s say removing just a weft or two...

Let’s say your client is having an issue with a couple of wefts and need them taken out for a move-up. Using the oil remover is going to be more gentle on the hair. You do, however, need to be super careful and avoid getting it on the other wefts— or they too will start slipping. If you don’t trust yourself to be precise, we’ll go ahead and give you the green light to use the blue bottle. Since it’s not oil based like the clear bottle, be very careful when pulling the tape apart, that you don’t pull the natural hair with it. The blue bottle is alcohol-based so the tape won’t slide off easy. Once the wefts are out, you will need to remove the old tape from both the natural hair and the weft. And because it’s alcohol based, you won’t need to worry about clarifying the hair from the oil-based remover. Continue with the replacement as normal, making sure the hair is completely dry from the remover.

**We don’t suggest using the blue bottle for a full head removal. Doing so is running a high risk in breaking your client’s natural hair but a weft or two is fine.

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