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December 31, 2010


For almost fifteen years, I have had long hair but to be honest with you, I’m bored with my hairstyle.  I’m going to cut it and use extensions from time-to-time so that I have more variety.

An organization called Locks Of Love will apparently use my hair to help children who have lost their own hair because of medical issues.  Can you tell me how to go about donating my hair to this or another worthy cause?

Linda P – Aberdeen, Washington


Great idea!  With Locks Of Love you’ve found the perfect home for your long hair.

When donating to Locks Of Love there are FOUR GUIDELINES.

  • Hair must be 10 inches long measured tip to tip as the minimum length.
  • Hair must be in a ponytail or braid before it is cut.
  • Hair must be clean and completely dry before it is mailed to Locks Of Love.
  • Ponytail or braid must be placed inside a plastic bag and then inside a padded envelope.

Hair donations are mailed to Locks Of Love at

234 Southern Blvd.

West Palm Beach, FL  33405-2701

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