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Every once in a while, you hear a wild rumor that someone has detected horse hair or lion’s mane or some other kind of crazy animal hair in commercial hair extensions. Even the worst manufacturer in the world wouldn’t stoop to that. Anyway, what are the chances of successfully collecting hair from a lion?

But we thought you would enjoy a fun story that got tossed around our office because of one of those impossible rumors.

Here is how the idea surfaced and why it should capture the imagination of every hair extension stylist around the globe. We hope you have a good chuckle!

My bright and financially intuitive cousin was lounging in our office reception area last Saturday, when the subject of no-brainer investments came up. After noodling this around for a couple of hours, of course we thought of a great idea and wanted to include our adventurous Donna Bella salon owners and stylists as potential investors.

A group of us are now considering investing in a large “longhair” cat farm near Hemosillo, Mexico raising longhair cats exclusively. The long hairs from the cats would be used to manufacture hair extensions and it would save us from having to travel to India. It is our purpose to start rather small with about 1,000,000 cats. Each longhair cat averages about 12 kittens a year.

Longhair cat hair can be sold for about 20 cents per cat for the blonde ones (color #613) and up to 40 cents for each (color #2) black cat. This will give us 12 million longhair skins per year to sell at an average price of around 30 cents, making our revenue over $3,000,000.00 a year. This averages out to about $10,000.00 a day, excluding of course, Sundays and holidays.

If the weather is good and with the right attitude, a good cat man can skin about 708 cats per day at a wage of $31.15 for nine hours work. It will only take 65 workers to operate the farm, so the net profit would be just under $8,000.00 per day.

Now it only makes sense that the cats would be fed on longhair rats. And you may be surprised to learn that rats multiply four times as fast as cats.

Here’s the real kicker. We would start a longhair rat ranch adjacent to our longhair cat farm. If we start with a million rats we will have four rats per cat per day. The rats will be fed on the carcasses of the cats that we skin. This will give each rat 1/4th of a cat. You can see by this, that this business is a clean operation, self-supporting, and really automated throughout. The cats will eat the rats and the rats will eat the cats, and we will get the hair for extensions.

The cat’s tails are not included with the hair income. They will greatly increase profits because the price of Remy longhair tails in the U.S. salon industry is exorbitant.

Eventually, it is our hope to cross the longhair cats with snakes. For even though snakes do not have long hair, the longhair cats will skin themselves twice each year. This will save the labor costs of skinning as well as giving two skins for one longhair cat.

As you can imagine, this could completely alter the hair extension industry.

Let us know what you think about this windfall investment, as you can understand, we are rather particular whom we get into this and want the fewest investors possible. Our initial capital requirement is in the neighborhood of $208,000.00. Please don’t let any social networking sites or bloggers get a hold of this information. It’s way too valuable.

Logan is founder of Donna Bella Milan hair extensions and lashes and author of the Donna Bella weblog.