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December 30, 2010


My hair extensions were put in by a stylist in Nevada, but I have since moved to Ohio.  It’s time for new extensions.  Will any stylist be able to remove my micro bead extensions?  Because of airfare costs, I don’t want to fly back to Reno.

Karen G – Sandusky, Ohio


One of the great advantages of having micro bead hair extensions is the ease in removing the extensions.  Ideally, any extension specialist would own a uniquely designed Bead Tool and could quickly remove the your extensions.

And there is one other possibility.  Just order a bead tool from Donna Bella at and have a friend help you remove your extensions.  It’s simple.  Just open the micro beads with the tool by squeezing the bent bead, back to its original rounded shape.  The beads and the hair extensions will slip right off.  You can use the tool for future extension removal and save a lot of time and money.

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