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February 22, 2011


I hear the word “knap” used all of the time in my local salon and I don’t want to feel stupid by asking what it means or where it is. It seems to be used in a variety of ways. Some stylists refer to the knap as part of the hair while others talk about the neck. Which is it?

Justi, B. – Bullhead City, Arizona


The word Knap originates from Old English and refers to the crest of a hill. So, over time, we have added a definition to describe the location of the area connecting the back of the neck to the skull.

Just run you hand upward from the bottom of your neck to the bony projection at the base of the skull. That area is considered to be the knap (spelled knap not knapp).

Another way to say it is the knap of the neck is the slight projection at the back of the head above the neck. So when someone states that some stressful event makes their hair raise-up on the knap of their neck, you’ll know exactly where they are talking about.

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