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Bianca is a graphic designer in our marketing department. Today she’s sharing her latest Donna Bella Hair Extension look.

Type of hair extension: Tape-In

Color: Dark Purple/Dark Fuchsia

Amount: About 26 wefts

Why did you pick these hair extensions? I really love my long bob and I wanted to update my look. I wanted something fun and edgy without committing to a drastic change.

What do you love about your hair? I love that the change seems so dramatic but it was really not. I love that I forget that I have them in until someone says how great and fun my hair looks.

How do you take care of your hair extensions? I don't give it much thought actually, and that's what I love about Tape-Ins.  But I do try to be more careful brushing my hair and making sure I use the right products and not go crazy with the heating tools.

What would you recommend to people thinking about getting hair extensions? If you’re worried about diving in, I would suggest to trying some fun highlights to see if you like them or try full head Clip-Ins.