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Fashion trends have always had an impact on sales - and sales affect a salon's bottom line, dramatically. This months article from Beauty Store Business magazine examines some interesting trends in the salon tools and accessories market - particularly the use and sale of flat irons.

Here's a clip from this months BSB article by Victoria Wurdinger

High-end flat irons have penetrated nearly 80% of the salon market in the United States, the United Kingdom and western Europe. Sales to consumers also remain strong, but according to Diagonal Reports’ “Hair Salons and Hair Straightening Irons 2007” study, growth rates may slow as the market reaches saturation. Future drivers will be fashion, new technological developments that create a market for upgraded irons and older stylists’ embracement of the tools. For consumers, financially attainable quality (value price points) and gotta-have limited editions will be important to stores’ sales.

All of Donna Bella Milan's hair extensions, including our new clip in extension line, are safe for use with flat irons and curling irons. Click here to download the article.