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A question we get from time to time is whether or not it's OK to deep condition extensions.

While it’s not absolutely necessary, it’s certainly a recommended way to get the most out of your extensions and keep them in prime condition. Unlike your natural hair, Extensions aren't directly attached to your scalp, so they don’t absorb the same oils from your head. Therefore, keeping your extensions hydrated and healthy may require a little bit of extra effort.

Use a moisturizing shampoo and a leave-in deep conditioning treatment. Avoid purchasing conditioners which contain alcohol in them, as these can dry the extensions out. Consult your stylist for any recommendations if you’d like.

After shampooing, rinse hair thoroughly and gently squeeze out any excess water. Apply a quarter-shaped amount of conditioner to the hair extensions, working it through from the roots to the tips.

Leave the conditioner in for two to three minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with cool water. Again, gently remove any extra water from the hair extensions, using a towel. Apply a quarter-shaped amount of leave in conditioner to the extensions and work it through the hair with fingers or a wide tooth comb. Don’t rinse it.

Extra Tips:

For added conditioning, use a deep-conditioning hair mask on the extensions once or twice a week. Leave on the extensions for at least 30 minutes, then rinse it with cool water before your regular shampoo/conditioning regimen.

When removing tangles, use a wide tooth comb, spritzing any snags with a light mist of water and conditioner.

For daily brushing maintenance, we recommend using the Donna Bella Extensions Brush because it’s a soft paddle brush that won’t pull or tug on the hair with stiff bristles. Gently work your way up from the bottom of the hair to the top, tip to root.

Happy conditioning!