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March 21, 2011


We live in the Chicago suburbs and my husband and I are over the top Chicago White Sox fans. We love to be called “south siders”. It is spring and the regular season schedule will begin soon.

I want to get hair extensions but I don’t want the extensions to keep me from comfortably wearing my SOX baseball cap to the games. Will extensions work for me or must I wait until the off-season to put them in?

Jackie Fernandez, Chicago, Illinois


You can still be the most fashionable fan at U.S. Cellular Park. Extensions are perfect for baseball caps. Horizontal rows of extensions start at the base of the skull, just under the rim of the cap and move up toward the crown of the head.

You can let your hair hang naturally or gather the extensions together in a pony tail and pop the tail through the hole in the back of the cap. Either way works perfectly. The bulk of the extension tips are in the soft part of the cap and high enough that they have plenty of space.

For fun, you may want to put in some black, silver, and white fashion extensions so you match the White Sox uniforms and team colors. To guarantee a good fit, wear your cap to the hair extension specialist who is putting in your extensions.

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