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January 20, 2011


A few of my clients have thinning hair and are interested in hair extensions to create greater volume and length.  No one wants a wig. Which hair extension application method would be best for these customers?

Rochelle M. – Rock Springs, Wyoming


Often times, thinning hair first becomes noticeable on the sides, near the temples, and eventually thinning takes place around the crown of the head.

With Donna Bella you have four choices of application methods – micro bead, fusion, tape-in, and clip-in. Which works best depends upon the condition of the hair. Sometimes a combination of methods works best for thin hair.

For example, many stylists use the fusion method above the temple and forward of the ear because a bonded tip is less obvious than a micro bead in that area of the head. In that case, fusion tips are used on the side and beads are loaded onto the back of the head.

Clip in extensions work well near the crown and back of the head because they cause no damage to the hair and keep the weight of the extension to a minimum. So in that case, perhaps a combination of clip-in and fusion would be successful.

Overall, bonded (fusion) and tape-in extensions are your best bet. Use tape-in rather than fusion if you the hair is weak and may be damaged when extensions are removed.

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