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It’s every women nature for wanting the perfect look by having perfect hair, perfect skin or perfect face. Women with long hair often considered as the most beautiful look, it makes feminine and strong look of a women. Hair extension is a familiar word among women; it is the solution for those who wanted to have long hair in instant. Hair extension is better be done by professional people, and since anyone can lie; it is best to ask for their previous clients. Some people argue with the comfort of using hair extension, they claim its hurting their scalp and some even suffered from severe headache. Anyone with hair extension should regularly brush and detangle their hair before washing, and it is best to use shampoo or hair conditioner with lots of moisturizer in it. Washing hair extension is one tricky job, you must gently wash in single direction and you can’t do this in hurry or you will get tangled. Invest in good shampoo; because you have spent too much on hair extension, you can’t ruin it with cheap stuff. Good quality shampoo or hair conditioner will make your hair extension to look and feels better. After shower, dry your hair in natural way, you are allowed to use hair dryer, straightening or curly irons, as long as you are using natural hair, not the synthetic one. Physical activities like exercise will make your all sweaty and this is bad for the hair. When your hair is soaking in sweats, it would tangles and become uncontrollable. Wear cap or brush the hair gently before doing any physical activities, you are recommended to braid the hair so the hair is protected from tangled. Styling is pretty much the same for women with hair extension, what makes it different are the technique and the chemical compound that use. Curling with perm is highly not recommended, perm with heavily damage your hair, it will cause severe hair loss and itch on the scalp. We always heard that we can’t sleep on wet hair, well, the same thing also goes with hair extension, and you need to makes sure that your hair is completely dry, and then gently brush the hair for about 5 minutes and tie it up into braids. Hair extension is the part of your look, and if you are one of the people who believe that quality is top of everything, then you should use feather hair extension from Donnabellahairextensions.com, they felt and look like your natural hair and they are not easily build up or tangling.