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Of all of the beauty gizmos that extension specialists have in their tool bag, a Needle Loop Tool has to be the best invention ever. With this tool, micro beads slide onto the hair as easily as chocolate flows to the hips.

Here is how the loop tool works.

  • Fasten the wire loop to the tool handle.
  • Squeeze the loop wires parallel, thin, and pointed.
  • Place beads onto the pointed double wire about 1/3rd full.
  • After loading the beads, open the loop above the beads.
  • Use a rat-tail comb to select a portion of your client’s hair, the same density as the hair extension.
  • Be sure to select strands from the same small area to create even tension.
  • Place your thumb and finger through the loop to grab the selected strands.
  • Pull the strands back through the loop.
  • Put your fingers onto the micro bead and slide it off of the loop wire and onto the small section of hair.
  • This releases the loop tool from the hair.
  • The bead slips onto the small section of hair.
  • Place the bead in position for crimping approximately 1/2” from scalp.
  • Thread the extension tip through the micro bead.
  • Crimp the bead and extension tip onto the hair.


Pulling too much hair through the bead will cause and unnatural looking extension.

Pulling too little hair through the bead could create an insecure connection or cause hair damage.

For a video showing exactly how to use the wire loop tool visit YouTube, search Donna Bella Milan Hair Extensions, Title; “Install Donna Bella Milan Hair Extensions”.

Logan is founder of Donna Bella Milan hair extensions and lashes and author of the Donna Bella weblog.