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“I can’t reuse my I-link hair extensions, it won’t fit through the bead anymore.” Does this sound familiar? Don’t panic, it’s normal. If you think about it, the tips of your I-Links have been clamped down for so long, how could they not be a flat shape? If you don’t already know how to get the tips back into their original round shape, keep reading…

What you’ll need:

Straightening iron

Removed I-Link strands

What to do: Set your straightening iron to 280 degrees. Once your l-Links are removed, take one strand and place your straightening iron on the flat tip of the I-Link (the part that’s been clamped inside the bead). Apply the straightener only for a few seconds, then take the ball of your thumb and index finger and roll the tips back and forth until you get a round shape. That’s it!

Here’s a money saving tip for clients: Stylists usually charge for the time they spend on prepping the hair extensions for move-up appointments. If you feel confident enough to wash your own hair extensions, dry them, and roll them back into shape, it’ll save you some reinstallation cost.

Disclaimer: If you don’t know how to take out your own I-Links, we do not recommend doing it. Please have your stylist take them out for you as they require the proper use of the hair extension tool.

Hope this helps dolls! And of course, if you have any Donna Bella Hair questions or concerns, please leave them below so I can answer them for you.