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We know you want to have fabulous hair, but sometimes you just don’t have the cash to spend on the extensions, installation, and maintenance. That’s where single clip-ins save the day. Our single clip-ins are inexpensive and super-versatile—but they certainly don’t look that way.

They may seem small, but they pack a big punch! Just clip in a strand, blend it into your natural hair, and you are good to go! They require the least commitment of all hair extension types, saving you the time, commitment, and cost involved in other types of extensions.

If you want to add streaks of color or highlights to your hair but don’t want them for months at a time, single clip-ins are a great solution. They’re also neater and more natural-looking than colored hairsprays or colored hair mascaras. Those products can get a bit messy and can give your hair a crunchy texture that doesn't feel nice to the touch. Clip-ins, whether human or synthetic, feel natural and soft and look just like your real hair.

Sometimes you want a bit more volume in your hair—you may be trying a cool, new style that you can’t quite achieve with only your natural hair. Adding a few single clips of hair that match your color can work wonders. You can finally get that full, romantic up-do for date night!

If you’re even more cash-strapped, synthetic clip-ins are your best bet. They are so similar to human hair, high quality, and heat resistant. They can be used in all the same ways as the human clip-ins—you’ll forget that you’re wearing extensions at all!

So go all out! You don’t have to sacrifice your style just because you’re on a budget!