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Some survive Black Friday and Cyber Monday, others THRIVE! And we’re here to help! This year may look a little different, like online shopping in pj’s. But we’re here for it! We highly recommend preparing to sleigh Black Friday/Cyber in DB style. The first step, have a checklist handy! You ready? After this blog, you will be! 

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Checklist 

Get your pens and paper ready. Here’s a checklist to prepare for the biggest sale of the year! 

1. Mark your calendars! Black Friday starts the day after Thanksgiving and ends on Cyber Monday. Mark the sale on your calendar and set the date on your phone as a reminder to shop after your Thanksgiving festivities. 

2. Join our exclusive list! Sign up for the Donna Bella Newsletter and opt-in to emails and SMS text messages to be the first to know about DB and the sale! Join Now!

3. Connect with us on social! Psst...Black Friday/Cyber Monday giveaways happening now! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to be in the running for free gifts! 

4. Create a wishlist! Have some hair goals in mind for the new year? Achieve it all with the products you need. Start here to create your wishlist. 

5. Take advantage of the perks! Sign up for DB Rewards and get the full scoop--exclusive insights, discounts, gifts and more! 

6. Shop now, pay later with Klarna. Say what?! Getting all your faves on Black Friday/Cyber Monday is a given. Paying all at once isn’t. Learn how to use Klarna!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Tips for Stylists

Calling all stylists--now’s the time to stock up on the essentials! As you prep for the biggest sale of the year, keep these hot tips in mind. 

1. Fill your schedule. Once you have your hair appointments in the books, create a list of what you both need to achieve their hair goals! 

2. Create your client’s wishlist. All clients have unique requests. Maybe one wants Hybrid Wefts, while another hopes for Ready-to-Wear extensions. Stand out from the crowd of stylists and create a wishlist for them. You can never go wrong with a pristine customer experience.

3. Be the first to know. Sign up for the Donna Bella Newsletter and opt-in to emails and SMS text messages to stay on top of your stylist game! 

4. Enjoy the DB perks! Although you’re in the industry of helping others, let us help you! Get the biggest bang for your buck by signing up for DB Rewards. Receive exclusive insights, discounts, gifts and more!

With this checklist, you got Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the bag! Need more help on what gifts to choose for your wishlist? We got you! Check out our special Gift Guide 101 to find what products are the best fit for your needs this season!

Shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday like a boss!