One of the questions we get asked often is what “Remy” means. It’s a good question that we love to answer because it’s also what makes our hair so unique.

Remy is the highest grade of quality of hair extensions, most likely because it’s the easiest to work with, the most durable and the kind of hair that looks the most natural. Hair identified as “Remy” (sometimes “remi”) gets its name from having been cut in a special way to reduce tangling and matting.

Think about it this way: all hair has a cuticle, which is essentially a membrane that forms a protective shell around the hair shaft that forms a microscopic scale pattern. If the cuticles are facing different directions when the hair is bundled, they’ll catch and tangle.

All of our human hair comes from human donors. Before it’s cut, the hair is placed in a braid or a ponytail. Once it’s been removed, the whole head of hair is kept bundled as it is processed and prepared to be made into hair extensions. Because the hair is cut with all the cuticles facing the same direction, remy hair resists tangling and maintains a natural look.

Maybe you’ve run across hair extensions that aren’t identified as remy. In these cases, the hair was likely collected from brushing or from being gathered up from the floor after being cut. Though we do carry a line of synthetic hair extensions, all of our human hair extensions are 100% remy.

Here’s the way we look at it: hair extensions are a commitment. Yes, they’re transformative and beautifying, but they’re still a commitment. If you’re serious about hair, we strongly recommend seeking out 100% remy extensions. They’re the longest lasting, and will carry on that chic and sexy look day after day. We hope that helps!