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Years ago, my father owned a small chain of women's clothing boutiques that specialized in personalized service for fashion minded clients.  Shoppers flocked to the stores because of the trust they had in the sales staff.

Clothing flew off the racks when sales assistants bought and wore the in-store fashions.  Customers were constantly asking to try on an outfit being worn by the employees.  Because of that phenomenon, everyone working in the store received huge discounts on the clothing they personally purchased.  Sometimes at near or below cost.

Anything, seen on the backs, bottoms, feet, or head of the staff, sold…and sold quickly.  On the other hand, if the staff didn’t like the new jeans or vest, those items would languish on the shelves until the next clearance sale.

This example will prove my point.  If merchandise had not sold for a couple of months, and a new sales assistant was hired who actually liked the forgotten merchandise, then as soon as she wore it, the shop-worn outfit became the “hit of the week”.

So what does all of this talk about clothing have to do with your hair extension business?  The same rules apply.

If you like the look of hair extensions then you are definitely going to do well, but if you use hair extensions yourself, then look out, your business will skyrocket!

Here are some ideas on how you might let this phenomenon of “customer trust” work to your advantage as a stylist.

Wear What You Sell - You be the model for hair extensions.  Let your customers see the personal transformation that takes place when extensions  are applied.

Change Your Extensions Regularly - You are a walking billboard.  People get used to seeing your appearance.  Take your extensions out before you really need to, so that potential customers see how fun it is to opt-in or opt-out of extensions.  Alternate your look.

Use Fashion Highlights To Get Attention - Fashion color extensions are a talking point for customers.  People on the street will ask you where you got your fashion highlights and within days, you’ll be passing out business cards.

Your Extensions Are An Investment - There is no better way to build a clientele of happy extension users than to invest in your own hair extensions, and be sure to let people around you know that you wear extensions.

Buy Your Extensions Wholesale - Buy extensions direct from the manufacturer, Donna Bella Milan, so that you can afford to promote them, change them, and alter them without ordering through the salon.  Set up your own individual account.

People trust you and buy what you recommend and wear.  Market smart. Remember, it’s hard to sell Fords if you’re driving a Chevy.

Logan is co-founder of Donna Bella Milan hair extensions and author of the Donna Bella weblog.