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If you have spruced up your home recently by painting a bedroom or living room, you realize how valuable paint swatches and color wheels can be.  With dozens of paint colors to choose from, previewing what colors look like before the paint is rolled onto your walls saves time, frustration, and hard-earned cash.

For similar reasons, owning a hair extension color ring enhances customer satisfaction and gives you the necessary tool to build a large hair extension business from scratch.


  • Color rings offer clients a broad selection.
  • Color rings are perfect for consultations and brainstorming.
  • Color rings keep your on-hand extension inventory low.
  • Color rings give you confidence in recommending colors to clients.
  • Color rings help you up-sell your customer to hair extensions.
  • Color rings are easily dropped into a handbag for offsite promotions and sales presentations.
  • Color rings stimulate the imagination.
  • Color rings can be left in day spa reception areas or Pilates studios for promotional purposes.
  • Color rings show what two individual colors look like when blended.
  • Color rings can be matched to traditional high school colors for special events.
  • Color rings show slight differences in tones, such as black and almost black.
  • Color rings match the actual product being purchased.
  • Color rings hold up to a lot of abuse.
  • Color rings give stylists a huge return for a very small investment.
  • Color rings make you a lot of money.

Use your color ring as a promotional tool and become a sought-after hair extension specialist.

Logan is co-founder of Donna Bella Milan hair extensions and author of the Donna Bella weblog.