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Silicone Beads - Black

Silicone Beads - Black


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Silicone Bead

  • 100 Silicone Beads
  • Used to install I-Link and Flat-Tip Extensions
  • Size: 3.5mm
  • Silicone material

Silicone beads are a gentle bead option for I-Link and Flat-Tip Extensions. The aluminum beads are lined on the inside with soft, supple silicone which won't fade or rust. They allow for a full range of movement, reduce slippage, and hold hair securely without damaging hair.

Using beads is easy. The client's hair and the pre-tipped extension strand fit inside the bead. String the beads on the Donna Bella Loop Tool to make threading beads onto hair easy and smooth. Use the Donna Bella Hair Extension Tool to crimp the bead closed, holding the hair inside. To remove the bead and release the hair, clamp in the opposite direction

Our products are designed to work together, so for the most comfortable, longest-lasting hold, we recommend that you use Donna Bella beads with Donna Bella hair.

Hybrid Weft Benefits

100% Human Hair, Remy: All Donna Bella Hair extensions are made with 100% Human Hair (Remy) and gentle color treatments to give you top-quality products in the industry.

Seamless: Hybrid Wefts use a sew-in method to create a seamless blend with full 360-degree movement.

Customizable: Create your own look by cutting the weft for the perfect fit without compromising its integrity. No adhesive, no unraveling, and plenty of comfort!

Long-Lasting: Hybrid Wefts last 6-8 weeks in between maintenance appointments. On average, they can be reused 1-3 times and last between 3-6 months, but with exceptional care, you can extend their lifespan up to a year.

Customize Your Installations with Varied Hair Extension Beads!

We all know that the sky’s the limit when it comes to hair extension customization. Donna Bella has made it easier than ever to cut, color, and modify our extensions to suit your clients and your salon practice.

5 Quick Tips for Silicone Beads

Well, our final bead posts is here, and while we’re sad the day has come, we’re always excited to highlight one of our premium hair extension products.

Selecting I-Link Beads

Grooved Beads are the most popular. They offer the strongest hold because they have grooves on the inside that interlock when crimped. They reduce slippage and are made of aluminum. Grooved Beads create the most secure hold. If your client has strong, thick hair, then Grooved Beads are perfect.

When Should I Double Bead?

Another common misconception of the I-Link method is double beading. The straight answer is you should never attach more than one bead to the I-Link tips. We’ve heard some clients and stylists suggest this, it’s not a very good idea.