Blend Bundle

Blend Bundle

Choose between Fine or Wide tooth comb
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Blend Bundle

  • 1 Carving Comb (Fine or Wide), 1 Chop Stik Pro, 1 Prepare Liquid Tool Glide (6.7 fL oz)
  • Helps blend extensions into clients hair
  • Award-winning Donald Scott NYC Blending Tools
  • Two carve options for either 50% or 100% removal of hair

The Donald Scott NYC Blend Bundle was exclusively created for Donna Bella Hair Extensions. This kit contains your all-in-one “free form precision” blending necessities, designed for hair extension artists hoping to perfect their blending craft. Includes 3 award-winning Donald Scott NYC blending tools. These DSNYC razor tools provide you with everything you need to create seamless extension blending with speed, precision and versatility. 

How to Blend LONG Tape-in Hair Extensions with Donna Bella Hair & Donald Scott NYC Razors

Everything You Need to Know About the DB - DSNYC Collaboration

This month we announced our special collaboration with Donald Scott NYC, bringing their award-winning patented razors and tools to professional extension stylists across the country.

The Secret to Blending Hair Extensions

One of the most crucial steps in the hair extension installation process is blending. It’s the key to a natural look that’s easy to style. A bad blending job makes hair extensions look like hair extensions