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The Luxe

The Luxe


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Luxe Hair Extension Tool

  • 1 stainless steel extension tool
  • Installs and removes beaded extensions
  • Helps remove Kera-Link extensions
  • 1 year guarantee

Donna Bella’s all-new hair extension tool is sleek, strong, and multi-functional. Its simple design may understate its multifaceted capability, but it’s a tool fully equipped to handle any and all bead and fusion work with style, class, and change-on-a-dime versatility. The polished steel finish means it’s durable and ergonomic, and the unique double spring helps you, the stylist, work in comfort and ease.

Use the LUXE for Grooved Beads, Silicone beads, as well as Flare Beads. Additionally, the Luxe tool can handle fusion bond removal, with the addition of a Keratin Bond remover.

Using Donna Bella hair extension accessories guarantees that both original hair and the hair extensions are treated safely. Our products are designed to work with Donna Bella hair and bonds; for premium results, we recommend only using our products and accessories together.

Hybrid Weft Benefits

100% Human Hair, Remy: All Donna Bella Hair extensions are made with 100% Human Hair (Remy) and gentle color treatments to give you top-quality products in the industry.

Seamless: Hybrid Wefts use a sew-in method to create a seamless blend with full 360-degree movement.

Customizable: Create your own look by cutting the weft for the perfect fit without compromising its integrity. No adhesive, no unraveling, and plenty of comfort!

Long-Lasting: Hybrid Wefts last 6-8 weeks in between maintenance appointments. On average, they can be reused 1-3 times and last between 3-6 months, but with exceptional care, you can extend their lifespan up to a year.

How to Remove Kera-Link (Fusion) Extensions like a Pro

I-Link Extension Method

5 Ways Hair Extension Tools can Make Your Salon More Efficient

Your salon is a busy place, especially where hair extensions are concerned. The good news is—as with any art form—there’s a rhyme and reason to the process hidden in your hair extension tools.

Donna Bella’s New Tools Part 2: The Luxe

Donna Bella has updated and expanded its hair extension tool line. These new tools are primarily used for the I-Link (beaded) hair extensions, but they also can be used to help remove Kera-Link (fusion) bonds. In this three part blog series, we’re exploring each one of our new tools.