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Easy Release Bond Remover

Easy Release Bond Remover

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Easy Release Bond Remover

  • 4.0 FL. OZ (118 mL) - Enough to remove 4 heads of hair
  • Breaks down Easy Release Tape-In bonds
  • Non-greasy solution with H202 - dissolves adhesive while conditioning hair
  • Mess-free removal; no clarifying necessary

Donna Bella Easy Release Bond Remover gently breaks down Easy Release Tape-In bonds for a fast, easy removal.

Directions: Working on one weft at a time, spray bond remover directly onto Easy Release Tape-In Extension bond. Let sit for at least 30 seconds. Once loose, gently remove extension.

Note: Do not yank extensions out. If needed, apply more solution onto wefts until they remove easily.

Caution: Extremely flammable. Keep away from open flame. For external use only. Test on small area of scalp before use. Avoid contact with eyes and irritated or open skin. Do not store above 120 degrees fahrenheit. Close promptly after use. Keep away from children.

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