Hydration Repair Kit

Hydration Repair Kit

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Hydration Repair Kit

  • 1 Shampoo (8 fl oz), 1 Mask (4 fl oz), 1 Serum (2 fl oz)
  • Repairs dry extensions
  • Color-safe | paraben-free | sulfate-free
  • Infused with keratin

Hair feeling dry and damaged? It happens. But luckily Donna Bella has a line of KeraExtend™ products that’ll give your hair a much-needed makeover. Infused with keratin protein, all KeraExtend™ products work together as a team to revamp the health of your extensions, transforming dry, dull hair into the soft, silky mane you want, working from the inside out.

The Donna Bella Remy Care™ collection is formulated specifically to extend the life of your hair extensions. The Hydration Repair Kit features three of our most powerful products that will completely transform your hair extensions. Turns matted, tangled extensions back into soft, silky-smooth hair.

Donna Bella Remy Care™ | Professional care for Remy human hair extensions

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Summer is mere days away, so we’re stepping up our aftercare game to make sure your hair looks fabulous all season long. For the next few days*, take 20% off the following aftercare products, and be sure to read up on how to use them for maximum protective effect!

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