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Strand Organizer

Strand Organizer


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Donna Bella Strand Organizer

  • 1 Table clamp (C-Clamp) and 2 Spring Clamps
  • Organizes extensions during installation
  • Holds up to 4 full packs of hair
  • Speeds up installation

Attaches to Donna Bella Strand Strand (sold separately).

Measurements: L: 16 in, W: 1.5 ft, H: 1 in. Made with smooth-edged stainless steel.

This tool changes the hair extension installation game for good. The Donna Bella Strand Organizer will keep all that loose hair suspended and secure while you work. No more sorting as you go, or continually pausing to pick up and untangle the next row of hair; the Strand Organizer will keep the hair lined up and ready in whatever arrangement you choose until you’re ready to install it. The best part is, it's super-portable—just unclamp it, slip it into your travel tote, and be on your way.

The Strand Organizer is very versatile. Easily attach it to most sturdy lipped tables using the C-Clamp, or attach it to a tray or vertical surface by clipping the two smaller Spring Clamps.

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